Who is AFAGH?

If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write. Holding a pen means going to war.


In 2009, AFAGH was the first weapon of art that was born by Adnan Nassari. And what could be more beautiful than animation to show off this weapon.


“Ofogh” means “The Horizon”. And Afagh means “Horizons”. The horizon of Afaqh thoughts has no limits. To give objectivity to these thoughts, Afaqh selected his family from among the best experts in the field of art.

The first department that Afaqh established was the "Content Creation Department". From the beginning of 2011, more specialists joined the Afaqh family. The quality of the "Golden Lock" project was the result of the art of these specialists. In the summer of 2014, the Afaqh family grew and the most skilled specialists in various animation techniques joined this family. This caused Afaqh to establish "2D Department", "3D Department" and "Motion Graphics Department" in addition to "Content Creation Department".


Now Afagh offer a full range of services such as Content Creation, Conceptual Design, Pre-isualisation, Look Development, Motion Graphic, 2D and 3D animations for feature films, short film, episodic, and television.


Afaqh's mission since 2009 was to prioritize quality first in content creation and then in quality production. Afaqh's commitment to "High Quality" has given credibility to its identity in the commercial markets. Afaqh, as a family of artists from various fields of animation, tirelessly pursues their content and artistic goals. Afaqh's attitude in choosing and producing works shows the strengths of his family.


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