Afagh Content Department Pipeline

Content Production Department

When François Truffaut, French filmmaker was asked: what was your primary idea for making “400 blows” film, the answer was “image of a car rising from behind a hill on a road!”
Story telling is an internal process which occurs in an unconscious or semi-conscious state, and imagination and intuition should be fostered and the pen should be put in the hands of a superior power for finding the stories; such a power that directs writer to a totally new and unknown world in the absence of his rational and reasoning mind.

Screenwriting Workshop about “Narrative Structure”

A good story is the combination of technique and storytelling principles with inner revelation. Given the intuitional and inspirational aspect of storytelling and the fact that the story and accordingly the masterpiece scripts cannot be created merely with rational and academic awareness of story and storytelling technique mechanisms, content production department of Afagh Pictures is composed of three major expertise including idea making, storytelling, and script writing.

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According to Robert McCay, the process of story creation is generally dangling between two ideas:

  • Premise: The idea, which stimulates the writer to create the story.
  • Controlling Idea: The ultimate meaning of the story which is expressed and transferred through the action and aesthetic feeling at the final scene’s climax.

Above pipeline depicts working steps of content production department in Afagh Pictures since the beginning to the final scriptwriting step.

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Logline is the simplest possible combination of the character and plot. It is the story stated in one sentence and is the final story’s foundation. You might be excellent in characterization, or a master of plot writing, or a genius at dialogue writing, but if the story’s logline is poor, it would be good for nothing and there would be no way to save the story. Thus, we designed four basic steps in our pipeline so as to turn logline to high-concept from low-concept and to grasp the premise.

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Each step of the pipeline contains its own pipelines and accordingly various techniques.
This department is able to write short film, movie, series, collections, and animation promotional teasers.